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Sadly we cannot begin to sustain and develop Mareja on tourism alone. Tourism successfully provides funds for the community pot but does not fund salaries, conservation activities or developments, so we are currently seeking other sources and exploring creative income streams.  Some of our potential revenue projects might include... selling homemade tiles, making amurula jam, planting sustainable crops such as the Sausage tree and promoting low-impact extraction of bamboo and non-timber products such as rope - but all these would require considerable management, investment and infrastructure.

Our aim is to make the project financially sustainable but this is a large and challenging task.  We hope one day that Mareja will be recognised for its ‘environmental services’ and a realistic price attached to maintaining the breadth of natural resources and benefits such an area provides –through water conservation, carbon sequestration, climate control, natural medicine, soil fertility and preservation, not to mention wildlife and landscape conservation and human recreation and spiritual renewal. There is a slow political shift towards valuing biodiversity rich areas in this way.

There has already been an increased awareness of the importance of carbon sinks and their role in climate maintenance.  It has been calculated that Mareja reserve is preserving 960,000 tonnes of carbon per annum (figures for 2010).  In the UK the average carbon consumption per person is 12 tonnes per annum – so Mareja would provide carbon credit for a UK population of 80,000 people. The UK Government price of carbon £22 - £52/tonne, so the  carbon preservation value of Mareja is £21,000,000-£50,000,000 (or $31,000,000- $70,000,0000).  Wonderful figures that we can only dream!

Would you like to help...?  Having learnt a bit more about the project, you may identify an area that you can help with - from community health, craft development to research or conservation. 

Skills transfer and particular we always need skilled professionals who can help with mechanics, electrics, building, plumbing and water conservation. 

Scientists....we have a Research Plan we can share with you and would like to attract and support scientists and passionate researchers from all over the world. 

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$$...and last but by no means least...if you have any ideas or contacts for funding and financial support that would be simply fantastic. Please email    

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